At Trinity Lutheran Church you will be encouraged to engage in deep faith formation and life long discipleship. Our goal is to help equip our youth with the tools to explore and deepen their own faith, through learning and service. There are several different ways that you can participate in discipleship formation at Trinity.

Service (All ages) is a core value and aspect of how disciples are formed at Trinity. We believe that the faith that is given to us by God frees us to serve our neighbor. Engaging in the community is a critical expression of our faith.

Confirmation (7th and 8th grade) is an approximately two year program designed to help prepare the young people of the congregation to become engaged members of the church and the world. In Confirmation we focus on the following areas: Bible, catechism, service, leadership, worship, ecumenism, and spirituality.

Youth Gatherings (8th-12th grade) is an opportunity for the youth to gather with other youth from around the United States in worship and service. They have a great opportunity to see how their faith is not confined to the campus of Trinity Lutheran Church.