2019-2020 School Year Info

Hello all!

Sonshine is busy getting ready for the 2019-2020 school year! Just a few reminders as we get started setting up:

        -On your application, you chose a Co-op level. (Full-Work on 

          one committee/Come to one Saturday Workday/Work in the

         classroom & bring snack. Partial-Work in the classroom &

         bring  snack. Non - No helping.) If you want to change your

         co-op level please let us know by Monday, July 8th.

         If you don't remember which co-op level you chose, please

         contact us.

         Please note:There is a $25.00 fee to change your co-op level after

         Monday, July 8th.

        -If you are new to Sonshine, we need your child's paperwork

          turned in by Thursday, August 1st. 

         Forms can be found online: 

         Go to: "Forms" Then scroll down to: "Forms that need to be

         returned to Sonshine for all children". Please print, fill out

         and return all forms to the Sonshine Office. If no one is here

         when you stop by, you can drop the forms in the brass mail

         slot by the office door.

        Please note: One form is a Health Screening Report that needs

        to be signed by your child's doctor.

        Full and Partial Co-op Families: Sonshine also needs proof of

        MMR/Tdap/TB and Flu Shot or the declination form signed for

        the adult(s) helping in the class. These forms are also located 

        in the same area of our website.

We're looking forward to a great year! Thank you!
-Team Sonshine

Sonshine Preschool

is a ministry of Trinity.  For more information, go to

Join us for a summer of fun and learning!

Registration for SUMMER 2019 is open now.

 • Tuition is $170 per session

• The $85 registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable to other sessions

but is refundable with a one-week notice of cancellation.

Sessions are Monday through Thursday.

Class times are 8:45am-12pm.

Snack provided by Sonshine.

June 3 – 6

June 10 - 13

June 17 - 22
Vacation Bible School at Trinity 

Visit: to register under VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!
(Cost is $75/child, $150 per family

runs Monday through FRIDAY

June 24 - 27
Fairy Tales

July 8 - 11
Space and Science

July 15 - 18
Ocean and Beach

July 22 - 25

Snack provided by Sonshine