The Organ

The organ of Trinity Lutheran Church is a custom instrument built by the Allen Organ Company of Macungie, PA and installed by Mr. Rob Lindquist of J. Nelson and Company in Livermore.  Boasting four-manuals and 87 stops, it’s one of the most significant organs in the bay area and the largest in the tri-valley.

The organ plays pipe organ samples speaking from the ceiling beams through 16 audio channels, plus an additional antiphonal division in the rear of the sanctuary.  The process of the physical installation through final voicing spanned several weeks. The result is in an instrument that excels in every possible worship need, from traditional hymnody to contemporary praise music. It can play the most demanding organ literature with great color and expression, from the sweetest lush strings to the roaring thunder of full organ.  In addition to its pipe organ capabilities it is also used as a master MIDI console, controlling other musical instruments and computer-based devices.

Here at Trinity, we work diligently to present all styles of worship to the best quality and ability.  This amazing organ, a loving gift from members in our congregation, will help achieve our prayer to honor our Savior with highest glory and praise humanly possible.

If you enjoy the organ—whether playing or listening—we welcome you to come share in the beauty of this great gift.